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Guidelines For Submitting

~Our Rules of Submitting~

We Accept:

*France Alone: Artwork just picturing Francis alone, with no one else.

*France in a Group: Anything with Francis pictured with any other canon character, particually the Bad Touch Trio. He must be with at least one other person for us to consider it a "group".

*F.A.C.E. Family: This happens to be one of the Founder's favorite families, so submit ahead~

*France Pairings: Pairings such as Franada, FrUK, and others can be submitted, as long as they are not too graphic and gorey. Think of the children please.

*Stamps Featuring France Love

*Head cannons of France

*Nyotalia France: With Nyotalia France, the same rules apply for her as with regular France.

*2P! France: Again, the same rules apply to him as they do with regular France. Nothing gorey or graphic.

*Mochi France

*Chibi France

*Nekotalia France

*Stories About France: Again, nothing gorey or graphic. Any story that involves France as the main character is accepted, but nothing with mentions or hints of rape in it.

Journal Entries

For journals, please make it relevant to Francis Bonnefoy. Fangirl rants, journals about pairings with Francis, how to properly RP Francis, and common misconceptions about him that are not true are a few things one could write about here. But that is not all you can write about. Anything that involves loving Francis is perfectly fine.

Remember, place your submitions in the right folder. With these rules in mind, I am sure that you will have a wonderful time in this group!


Newest Members

Gallery Folders

Francis in a Group Devious Folder
Francis Alone Devious Folder
F.A.C.E Devious Folder
France Pairings Devious Folder
Nyotalia France Devious Folder
Chibi France Devious Folder
Nekotalia France Devious Folder
2P France Devious Folder
Stamps with France Devious Folder
Stories With Francis Devious Folder
Headcannons of France Devious Folder

Group Info

Welcome, to the FrancisProtectionFC, the group that is devoted to love and protect Francis Bonnefoy against bad RPers, misconceptions about his character, and general OOCness. What upsets us most at the FPFC is how some people roleplay him: a man-whore who rapes people and constantly makes sexual advances towards others. Here, we try to help this wonderful man best of our abilities by informing others how he should be properly roleplayed and he does not, and I repeat, DOES NOT, rape others.

Here at the FPFC, feel free to submit anything with Francis Bonnefoy in it; as long as he is not depicted as raping or making unwelcomed sexual advances towards another. Headcannons, stories, reader inserts, drawings, anything really. As long as there is Francis love, we will take it. But, before submitting, please read the Guidelines.

Anyone is welcome to be a member, too. As long as you love Francis, feel free to click that Join Group button.

We appreciate your time reading through this and we hope that you will enjoy looking through our gallery.
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Feb 16, 2013


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39 Members
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Please, go check out - Anyone who wants me to post something please comment, either on the blog or here!

Anyone will awesome fanfics of any pairing or hetalia scene please contact me if you'd wish to promote your work on the blog!
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